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How to make pu-erh tea

2009-08-01    Views: 23878   

Demonstration of making pu-erh tea.

How to make pu-erh tea?

1. Use tea knife to get 6 grams tea from tea cake or tea brick etc. Be careful not to hurt your hands.

2. Put 6 grams of tea into Gai Wan or teapot.

3. Pouring boiling water into Gai Wan or teapot. (Note: high temprature water is important to Pu-erh tea.)

4. Pouring tea water into public cup through strainer. ( Some people don't use strainer. It can get stronger taste.)

5. The first two infusions are not used to drink. We use them to wash tea leaves and awaken the tea. Don't forget to pour tea water into cups even if we don't drink. You can smell the cups so as to feel the aroma left in empty cups.

6. In general, 6 grams of pu-erh tea can last 10-15 infusions for drink. (The first two infusions are not included because we don't drink them.)

As to The first 5 infusions for drink, we don't need steeping time. In general, the third infusion for drink are strong in taste. You can judge the tea at this infusion. After 5 infusions for drink, you can add steeping time for keeping taste.

Tips: Different people make the same pu-erh tea but get different taste. So you can try different ways to get the best taste you like.

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